[font=Arial][size=16px][color=#666666]Beijing Kenser High Molecular Technology Co., Ltd. is a combination of precision coating and high-performance polymers as the core technology, and is committed to the thermal management materials of the Microelectronics packaging industry, electromagnetic shielding materials, conductive materials and functional adhesive materials. Product research and development, manufacturing and marketing. In 2000, the company began to study the development of various functional material product technologies based on SILICONE, ACRYLIC, EVA, and EPDM. The company has developed the core synthesis technology of heat management materials. The products have been fully industrialized and some of their product performance has exceeded the product performance of international companies. The shielding and functional adhesive materials are currently in the industrial production testing stage and are planned to be launched within the next year. We will serve the market with the best value for money. In the rapidly developing Microelectronics packaging industry, Kense strives to become a research and development and manufacturing company with high quality, low cost, rapid delivery and higher value products for customers. Technical advantages After 10 years of research and development, Kenser Company successfully introduced heat management materials products to the market and was recognized. The so-called ten years of grinding a sword, during the product's synthesis technology, application performance, industrial production process and other aspects through repeated verification, so that the product has excellent performance. This is also the crystallization of the company's technology, resources and experience over the past decade. We will also continue to make this innovative research and development spirit continue in the future. Synthetic technology Kancer's research on SILICONE, ACRYLIC, EVA, and EPDM based polymers through its own core technology has led to many breakthrough findings, mainly reflected in the surface modification of high-performance powder materials and the compatibility of basic materials. processing. Rheological technology Basic research in polymer physics and rheology has played a significant role in the successful development of thermal conductive polymers, coating processes and other innovative products. Coating technology Through the different polymer material characteristics of different coating production processes, the company independently developed a special coating production line for phase transition materials. Through a decade of research and development, the company has a variety of sophisticated coating technologies for basic polymers. Partners For a long time, the company has been very grateful to the team members involved in product research and development and the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Raman Spectral Laboratory of Peking University, Metal Powder Research Office of the Beijing Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy Research, Rubber Materials Research Office of the Institute of Aerospace Materials, and Professor Panwei of Tsinghua University. Strong support from the laboratory.[/font][/size][/color]

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